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Hear what people are saying about Gaston Farm Road Equestrian Center

“It was an enjoyable ride, quiet and peaceful with nice people.” ………….. Dewey and Audrey Clark

Here is an amazing story from a Home School Mom who volunteers at the farm. She writes: “Horses = Therapy”

“As a young girl I loved horses, We didn’t have any land, so therefore I couldn’t have a horse. My mom decided to allow me to take lessons at a nearby barn, which was wonderful! I loved it! I got to ride and help out at the barn, which taught me a lot.

Well as I got older, I became a handful, so to speak, I went to live with my daddy and he really had no idea of how to raise a daughter, but he did the best he could, I continued to be a handful (rude, disrespectful, rebellious, etc..) Well little did I know, my daddy was smarter than I was; he knew I had a love for horses, and he shared the same love for them as well, so he decided to buy a horse for us to share.

I fell head over heels in love with her and began to spend all my extra time with her and my daddy riding. My horse taught me a lot! Also she (my horse) gave me something that I could do with my dad, that we actually had in common. My idol mind and hands were now busy, the hard work and time of having her was very rewarding, but eventually it all ended.

Well now I am married, have children of my own, and horses too, but my dad has passed away. Every time I look at my horses, or any horse, I am quickly reminded of the very special memories that I got to make with my daddy, that I would not have been able to make otherwise. I thank God that he allowed my daddy and I to share those memories together. The change it made in my life, as a teenager, has stuck with me and I will forever hold a love for horses close to my heart, along with the blessed memories of my daddy.

Horses to me are not just animals, they can be therapy. They have helped many troubled teens, many children that just needed something to love, but they not only help people emotionally, they can help physically too, people with back problems, people with disabilities, etc…etc… The moral of the story is horses=therapy :)”…………..Melissa Morrison (Home School Mom) Heath Springs, SC

“At Gaston Farms there are so many opportunities to learn about horses and riding. Everyone there is so nice. There is always something fun to do in my spare time. They have shows and camps that take place, they are not only fun but we learn a lot. There are so many horses to ride that are a lot of fun too. All together I just love the Gaston Farm.”…………..Molly Melton

“During previous training, The trainer gave up, discouraged me and told me I had a pretty pasture ornament, long story short she is not worth training! During two weeks while on vacation I utilized the Gaston Farm Hotel. This is when I met Barbara who noticed me leading my horse. She said, “your horse could use some training.” I was skeptical because of my first experience of horse training, but I reluctantly agreed. Barbara assured me there was hope for both me and my horse. My mare had several issues she pulled back and nearly strangled herself while being tied, she was disrespectful running over me and pushing with her head when I led her. She was spooky, nervous and unmanageable. She bucked and reared when under saddle and refused to take a bit. I had decided, yes she is a pretty pasture ornament. After six sessions with Barbara she stood tied, became respectful and easy to lead and took a bit without hesitation. After 90 days of training, I am no longer afraid of my horse, and have the needed confidence to handle her in any situation. We respect each other and enjoy traveling to the Gaston farm for our weekly trail rides. I no longer have to worry that she will pull back and strangle herself during travel or run over my 4 year old granddaughter during leading.”…………..Kathleen Mcguire, Great Falls, SC

Have you or anybody that you know, shared any experiences that a horse has = (equaled) therapy for, that you would like to share?

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