Horse Breeds

“The history of horse breeding goes back millennia. Though the precise date is in dispute, humans could have domesticated the horse as far back as approximately 4500 BCE. However, evidence of planned breeding has a more blurry history.”….Wikipedia

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Listed below are just a few of the different breeds of horses.

TennesseeWalkingHorse_lgTennessee Walking horses are generally 15 to 19 hands tall. They are known for their good disposition, a very calm and easygoing breed. They are famous for their gliding running walk, smooth gait, incredible stamina, and intelligence. They are popular family horses used for trail, show and pleasure riding.

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caspien-2The Caspian is a pony size horse. The first Caspian to leave Iran was imported to the USA April 15, 1966. It exhibits the fine build of the thoroughbred breed with the beauty and endurance of the Arabian. They are well suited for children because of their horse-like confirmation. These horses are very versatile. They present themselves with a smooth gait, a quiet temperament and extreme athleticism. They are natural jumpers and make elegant harness horses.

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QuarterHorse_lgThe quarter horse is the most popular breed in America today. They excel at sprinting short distances. The name comes from its ability to outdistance other breeds of horses in races of a quarter mile or less. The quarter horse is well known for both English and Western disciplines. They are an all around family horse!

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PasoFinoHorse_lgThe Paso Fino horse has come to be known as Los Caballos de Paso Fino, “the horse with the fine step.” It is the oldest true native breed of horse in the Western hemisphere. It reflects its Spanish Heritage through its proud carriage, elegance and natural four-beat gait. They demonstrate remarkable versatility, not just in the show ring but on competitive trail and endurance rides, in dressage work, and back at the ranch working cattle.

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MarshTacky_lgThe Marsh Tacky
Being a South Carolina farm, I think it is necessary to discuss the Marsh Tacky. Efforts are being made to preserve and recognize them as the official SC horse. They are a sturdy, 13.5 to 15 hands, well balanced, very sure footed and swamp savvy. They were historically used for plowing and pulling. Today they are used mostly for hunting and trail riding.

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fella_horse_lgThe Standard Bred

My name is Four Starzzz Fella. I liked to be called Fella. I am a 12 year old standard bred, a retired pacer. After retirement from racing I went to live with an Amish family in Pennsylvania. Because of a random act of kindness I was chosen to be a Christmas gift for Joe-pop. I am the newest addition to the Gaston Farm. I enjoy my pasture buddy Chester. He is a Morgan and we get along great. Since joining the farm, I have enjoyed pulling an antique carriage for my family’s relaxation. I have also helped out at a few Birthday parties.I look forward to becoming a lesson and trail horse! Come see me and I will share more on my new life with you!

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